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Let Troop 222 "light your fire" this holiday season...

Support Troop 222 by purchasing Pinecone Fire Starters!
These make great gifts and are sure to thrill.

are only $20

include 3-4 Pinecone Starters
based on size

All pinecones are:
* Coated in our proprietary wax recipe
* Safe for the environment
* Completely consumed during the burning process
* Emit no harmful odors or smoke
* Leave no residue
* Upcycled for your next gathering

are only $35

and include:
2 classic packs
3 magic flames
1 butane lighter
1 small bundle Fatwood
1 additional, pinecone

Purchase Pinecone Fire Starters from your local  neighborhood Troop 222 scout,
or call Christine our fundraising chair to order: (704)995-5563

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