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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) provides the nation's foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training, which helps young people be “Prepared. For Life."  The Scouting organization is composed of approximately 2.2 million youth members between the ages of 5 and 21 and approximately 800,000 volunteers in local councils throughout the United States and its territories.  Since its inception in 1910, more than 130 million young men and women have participated in the BSA's youth programs.


   TROOP 222 is committed to providing a robust, scout-led/adult-mentored program.  We are committed to developing young future leaders, helping in our community, and building a prosperous future for all those around us.  We mix outdoor adventure with learning skills, having fun, and creating memories to last a lifetime.  We offer a balance of local trips with high adventure outings annually, and of increasing skill.  We support our communities through food drives, conservation projects, and many other offerings.

Mile Swim
River Rafting
Swimming and Lifesaving Skills
Kayak Reentry
Movie Night
Mountain Hike
Sinking Canoes Day

Camping is an essential element of the outdoor program of Troop 222.  It is an integral aspect to the scouting experience and helps encourage our youth to become active participants so they can benefit from the core values of scouting.

The camping program of Troop 222 endeavors to provide engaging and exciting opportunities for OUR youth to develop self-discovery, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-reliance, as well as other qualities that enhance the traditional aims of Scouting: character development, citizenship training, leadership development and physical fitness.  It is through our camping program that Troop 222 helps a scout embrace and understand the Scout Oath and the points of the Scout Law, the principles of Leave No Trace and the importance of environmental conservation.

So, if you want to camp, come with us on a journey into the wilderness and get up close and personal with nature.


While Scouts are taught to be prepared, you just cannot anticipate everything.  Our scouts learn survival skills to help them in situations where coming prepared may still not be enough.

How to find shelter, food and water, basic first aid, and how to start a fire in difficult conditions may all be helpful in an unfortunate situation.  As scouts progress through the Scouts BSA program, learning and practicing these skills, they repeat skills, helping to make "survival" more second-nature.  Once proficient, the Troop takes time to showcase their skills and teach upcoming Pack 222 Cub Scouts.  Our Scouts BSA Troop scouts reinforce their skills through demonstration and patiently teaching the Pack's younger scouts.  The Pack's Cub Scouts gain shared experiences and introductory skills.  222 strives to keep families and our scouting program united to help all scouts thrive.


Whether backpacking in the wilderness or just walking on a trail through the woods, exploring a historical path or touring a city, hiking is a kind of wandering without being lost.  Its purpose is in the pleasure of just being outside and among nature; it’s the journey and not the end that matters most. 

Hiking is where the scouts of Troop 222 hit the trail to meet people, experience cultures, and seek adventure.  It is an immersion into the outdoors where stress is relieved and one can relax with the scents and sounds of nature.  Walking in the wilderness offers time to reflect and refresh the mind, body and soul. Sometimes we will simply walk a path; other times we will traverse a trail to the top of a mountain.  At all times, our scouts will learn cartography and the skills of orienteering. 

Trop 222 integrates activities such as geocaching, backpacking, conservation projects, cooking and camping into many of our hikes. 

As we walk, we adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace and abide by our Outdoor Code.  We are stewards of the environment and carry out whatever we carry in.

Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes the scouting ideal of physical fitness.  It is economical and convenient and typically requires little in specialized equipment.  In fact, all that is really necessary is a will to walk where you may never have been and a desire to experience nature first hand and in person.

We invite you to join our scouting program and come walk with us as we endeavor to engage our scouts in the great outdoors.


"The basic canoe is one of the oldest water-craft designs known to humankind." Scouting is outdoor fun, and sometimes it is outdoor water fun! Scouts learn how to man paddle-sports crafts, how to effectively use safety equipment and learn to apply other safety considerations.  There are advancement requirements and water-related awards mixed throughout the Scouts BSA program.  To learn more CHECK OUT THIS LINK.


Discipline, physical fitness, preparation, the importance of clarity of mind, safety, environmental conditions assessments... all skills used during climbing and rappelling are just another set of competencies scouts learn beyond these outdoor sports.  Climbing and rappelling are always supervised activities by BSA qualified adults.  Scouting provides opportunities to regularly experience use of these skills and many more with the Troop.  CLICK HERE to see more from what Scouts BSA offers.

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The purpose of our outdoor activities is to stir the imagination of our scouts and to spur their interests in the great outdoors.  As they learn to live in respect of nature, we teach them skills to become self-sufficient, we instill the values of life-long learning and we impart the ethics of ecological preservation.  Our scouts are taught the importance of team work through shared responsibilities in the patrol method.  The patrol method helps our scouts acquire the qualities of leadership that will help them overcome the many challenges they will have to manage throughout their lives.

Learning is a hallmark of our camping program and Troop 222 provides a hands-on experience.  The lessons we teach are practiced.  Whether it is orienteering, cooking, first aid or wilderness survival, our scouts perform a variety of skills.  In doing so, our scouts become competent and capable of teaching others which further enhances the learning process. 

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