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THE FUN TROOP!!!! Troop 222 is one of the most active and successful Scouts BSA Troops in Huntersville.  We count our successes in the learned skills and leadership qualities our unique program instills in our Scouts.  We also count the smiles and the fun times that are making the memories that last their lifetimes.

Our Goal

We've done the math and we know Troop 222 spends more time outside than inside!  We camp year-round in all weather. Our Scouting program prepares Scouts not just for the next monthly outing, but also for life.

Scout-Led, Adult-Enabled and Mentored

Scouting is a leadership program, so a healthy troop is led by the Scouts and supported by the Scoutmaster and adult volunteer leaders.  In Troop 222, the Scouts choose each month’s outing, the adult leadership enables and provides guidance as needed, and more experienced Scouts prepare younger Scouts for the upcoming outing.  At most of our troop meetings, you’ll find older Scouts running the program and teaching skills to younger Scouts so they are ready for camping, cooking, wilderness survival, cycling, canoeing, backpacking, orienteering, pioneering, and whatever the North Carolina wilderness has to offer.  We carry out our Duty to God, Country, and self through service-based projects and activitites.


In 2018, the Boy Scouts of America transformed to Scouts BSA and launched a new program called Family Scouting that offers girls the same awesome Scouting opportunities that boys have today.  Troop 222 is a family scouting unit, so we hope to see your entire family jump in and enjoy the fun! You can find more Family Scouting information on our Program pages.

Patrol Method

Scouting’s Patrol Method splits the troop into patrols of 4-8 Scouts that are led by a Patrol Leader, who is elected and usually a little more experienced in Scouting than the rest of the patrol.  During an outing, the Patrol Leader will guide the patrol while they camp together, cook together, share and maintain their patrol gear, learn together, and tackle challenges as a unit.  Patrol Leaders are elected early to support the patrols functioning smoothly as a unit.  We rotate Patrol Leaders two-four times per year to promote all scouts gaining an increased comfort with leading.  Leadership roles are always optional and well-supported.  At Troop 222, the before-and-after comparison of younger and more experienced Scouts is evident at meetings and outings.

On to First Class

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, said that when a boy has earned the rank of First Class, he is “the complete Scout” because he has learned all the basic Scouting skills. At Troop 222, we focus all new Scouts on developing the skills required to earn First Class rank. Led by more experienced Scouts and an adult Assistant Scoutmaster, our program trains new Scouts quickly in all the skills required for the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, and more importantly, for all the outings and adventures the troop will offer them. Troop 222 is dedicated to all our scouts starting with high-engagement for first-year Scouts to help jump-start them on their Scouting journey. With Troop 222, every scout will have the opportunity to achieve First Class rank in their first year and a half.  We don't rush the program but we do support them.

Merit Badges

First-year Scouts will not start merit badges right away. Just like in our Cub Scout Pack, we focus first on the important skills that Scouts will need for monthly outings and adventures and earning rank. Once Scouts have earned First Class rank, they have learned all the basic Scouting skills they will need at Troop 222 and we invite them to turn to merit badges at that time. Earning First Class rank can be achieved by a motivated Scout in about a year after joining our troop.  Please check out our PROGRAM tab to learn more about the Scout Advancement Path to Eagle.

On to Eagle

By challenging Scouts at the right level, Troop 222’s Scouts stay engaged longer in the Scouting program. For many, they will continue to earn merit badges and Scouting’s more difficult, service-oriented and leadership-intensive higher ranks. Our Troop Eagle Guide is there to support scouts from Life to Eagle and with preparing for their Eagle projects.  We want to celebrate your scouts and all their accomplishments.


You are welcome to visit Troop 222! We are happy to set up visits to our weekly meetings, where new families will see our Scouts preparing for the next outing.  Arrange a visit and one of our Scoutmasters and a Scout will greet you, introduce your Scout to a patrol for the evening, offer a tour, discuss the key features of Troop 222's program, and answer any questions.  We also invite interested families for afternoon visits to outings and family campouts.

To arrange a visit, please contact Christine Cannon by email or (704) 995-5563.

We meet most Wednesday nights at 6:45pm at Huntersville United Methodist Church, Huntersville, NC 28078.


Troop 222 is now accepting:

  • 5th grade boys and girls with no or limited Scouting experience.

  • 5th grade boys and girls rising from our Cub Scout Pack 222 or transferring from another Pack, with or without achieving Arrow of Light.  All Scouts joining Troop 222 should expect to begin attending our weekly troop meetings in March, even if you are finishing up Arrow of Light with your Cub Scout pack through the spring.  We need you at our meetings so Scouts don't miss our skills training!

  • Scouts of any age who are transferring from other troops or who are new to the area.

Webelos to Scouts BSA New Family Registration Night will available during Cub Scout Pack 222 OPEN HOUSE NIGHTS occurring simultaneously with the TROOP OPEN HOUSE NIGHTS annually, August and September open house dates to be announced.  Scouts join all year round, so please reach out any time.


“It's amazing to watch the boys in action learning their skills.  My oldest went from a little kid to becoming a leader..."

“I can see a change in my son's independence and resourcefulness...he's learning life skills!"

“I have watched my son learn ethics and values.  He has learned things kids just don't learn unless you seek it out for them.”

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