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Monthly Camping, Hammocking & Activities

Camping is an essential element of the outdoor program of Troop 222.  It is an integral aspect to the scouting experience and helps encourage our youth to become active participants so they can benefit from the core values of scouting.  Learning is a hallmark of our camping program and Troop 222 provides a hands-on experience.  The lessons we teach are practiced.  Whether it is orienteering, cooking, first aid or wilderness survival, our scouts perform the skills that are required.  In doing so, our scouts become competent and capable of teaching others which further enhances the learning process. 

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Activity Calendar

The Scouts planned their activities for each month.  Leaders strive to accommodate meeting their wishes.  Some activities require extra funding. The TROOP will always meet at HUMC parking lot to depart for monthly camping trips together unless otherwise noted.

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Crowders Mountain Camping + Hike
Now- URBAN hike
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